Here is a list of some common questions that we get in regards to booking weddings with Botega.

Do you take a deposit?

Yes we take a 50% deposit of the reserved services.  We take that deposit 4 weeks prior to the wedding.  If there was to be a cancellation of any kind after the deposit is taken, it is non-refundable.  If there was to be a cancellation within 48 hours the charge is 100%.  We take the deposit via credit card.

How long do the services take?

Service times vary, but average about 45 minutes each.  We like to spend more time with the bride, so her services can average more on the 60 minute mark.  Typically, it will take 2 hours for hair and makeup on the bride.

Do you travel to hotels?

We do travel to hotels, but there needs to be at least $400 minimum in services.  We strongly prefer to work out of our downtown Banff location, but will travel anywhere from Emerald Lake Lodge to Canmore.  Prices dependant on the location.

How far in advance should I finish before my ceremony starts?

Most brides like to finish their hair and makeup one hour before they walk down the aisle.

Do I have to bring anything for hair and makeup?

You do not need to bring a thing!  We are fully equipped with pins, products, mirrors, makeup, etc etc.  The only thing that we do not carry is extensions, veils and decorative pins.  Please note we do not come with shampoo and conditioner if you are getting an onsite blow dry!  We expect the hair to be freshly washed before we get there.

Are the prices subject to increase?

The only rare time that we have had to increase our prices is if we are having to double the amount of allotted for the service provided.  For example, we ask that the hair is dry and clean before we get there.  If the hair is still wet and we have to put extensions in from wet to dry, the price could increase because of the extra time needed.  We kindly ask that everyone is ready to go when we arrive if the services are being completed onsite.  

When should I book my trial?

We ask that trials be booked close to the wedding day.  Ideally, 10 days to 2 weeks is perfect for us.  Of course if you are "shopping around" then you are welcome to come in earlier.  

Can we bring in "orange juice"?

We can provide glasses for any "orange juice".  There is also a coffee shop conveniently located directly across from us as well.  

Do you offer discounts for larger parties? or packages?

Unfortunately we do not offer discounts on our services.  They are all priced individually.

If you have any further questions that I may have not answered please feel free to email us!